An Honest review about Earnsmart:Is it legit or not?

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform       
Earnsmart is a network marketing platform where you can earn through affiliate program,spinning, selling Ebooks and surveys.
You join Earnsmart with Kshs 500 (gold package).In Nigeria,fee is 1950NGN,Rwanda- 1490RWF,Uganda-18700 and Tanzania-12000TZS.There are no renewals so you will pay once.
After you join Earnsmart you will be given an affiliate link (referral link) that you can use to refer others. You will earn up-to level 3 of your referrals

Level 1: This level you will earn through your direct referrals (the people who join using your referral link) and you will be paid Kshs 300 per referral to infinity.The image below shows the currency conversion to the countries involved.

Level 2: Whenever a person from your level 1 invites a new member, you are rewarded an indirect earning of Kshs 100 to infinity.The image below shows the currency conversion to other countries involved.

Level 3: Whenever a person from your level 2 invites a new member, you are rewarded an indirect earning of Kshs 50 to infinity.The referral link is in the dashboard,you scroll down and you’ll find it.You copy the link and paste in on your social media platforms or to your contacts.

Earnsmart in KenyaSpinning
There are different types of spinning;
a) New users spin where it is guaranteed for every new user to spin and win upto Kshs 1000. This is a free spin.
b) Spin and win every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday for all members randomly from 8pm to 9pm where you can earn until 1000kshs.
c) Everyday spin, which is more of a casino where you place a bet with Kshs 20 or more and win upto x66 of your betting money.Earnsmart in KenyaEarnsmart in KenyaEarnsmart in KenyaEbooks

The Ebooks therin are also very helpful and you can sell them at your own preferable price or if your looking for a business idea,you should sign up and check them out.They are pretty good with business plans and step by step guidelines on how to establish a good business.

They keep on adding Business Ebooks to their site and now have a total of 54 Ebooks as outlined below.
1.Advertiser Magazine Case Study & Fact Sheet
2 Agrovet Business Guide
3 Bank Agency Factsheet
4 Beef Butchery Guide
5 Boda Boda Info Pack
6 Bookshop Quick Guide
7 Building Materials Yard – Dynamics and Case Study
8 Bottled Water Business Guide
9 Car Wash Business Guide
10 Chapati Wholesale Case Study
11 Chemist Retail Business Guide
12 Chicken Butchery Guide
13 Chips and Chicken Guide
14 Cookie Mania
15 Corn Chips Quick Guide
16 Cosmetics Retail Business Guide
17 Courier Guide
18 Cyber Cafe Guide
19 Daycare Guide
20 Electrical Parts Retail Guide
21 Executive Barber Shop Guide
22 Cooking Oil Filtering Service
23 Fish Supply to Hotels
24 Flower Business In Nairobi
25 FMCG Small Scale Distribution Quick Guide
26 Free Advertiser Magazine
28 Fruit and Juice Parlour Guide
29 Gas(LPG) Retail Guide
30 Gift Services Overview
31 GreenhouseTomato Guide
32 Gym Business Guide
33 Hair Salon Plan
34 Handbag Rental Feasibility
35 Ice Lollies Quick Guide
36 Informal Money Lending
37 Wear Quick Guide
38 Keg Bar Business
39 Laundry Business Guide
40 Leather – Skin Trade
41 Local Bar Business Guide
42 Milk Distributorship & Industry Overview
43 Mitumba Retail Guide
44 M-pesa Sub Agency Guide
45 Nails Making Guide 1
46 Non Woven Bags Making Guide1
47 Paint Mixing Business Guide
48 Petrol Station (Independent) Guide1
49 Plumbing Hardware Business Guide
50 Pork Butchery & Eatery Guide
51 Printing Business Guide
52 Quick Guide To Supermark Shelf Space
53 Second Hand Novels Guide
54 Smokies & Eggs Vending Guide
The surveys are out now.You can earn by answering a few questions on their site and get rewarded.Earnsmart in KenyaTournaments
They also host tournaments and for their most active members weekly.I have seen people make money of this site and here are some payment proofs.

Earnsmart in KenyaEarnsmart in KenyaEarnsmart in KenyaCLICK HERE TO JOIN.

And also the good thing about it is that it is legally approved by the Government of Kenya.The image below is a certificate that you can download from your dashboard to
prove that it is legal. Earnsmart in KenyaIn Kenya,you can pay through Mpesa while in Tanzania,Rwanda,Uganda and Nigeria,you activate your account through Chipper cash after you’re done registering as shown below.The registration process is quite simple.Here is the procedure needed to join Earnsmart:1.Once you click the link below to join,the following screen page will appear.Here,you need to key in your personal details (your name,your Safaricom number or the number you used to sign up for Chipper cash ,your active email address,your username and password that you’ll use to log in to your Earnsmart account and you choose the country you are from)
Earnsmart in Kenya
2.After keying in all those details, you’ll be required to choose a package.You’ll choose the Golden package which Shs.500.
Earnsmart in Kenya
3.You then accept the terms and conditions and then press the ‘register’ button.You’ll be directed to your STK where you’ll pay the 500shs to Satoshi agencies and you’ll begin your journey to earn from Earnsmart.If you are from the other countries,you’ll be asked to pay the Activation fee as mentioned above.After making payment through Chipper cash app, you’ll go back to your browser and press,’I HAVE ALREADY PAID BUTTON’You’ll be asked to wait for account activation as they confirm you’re payment.If you don’t have a Chipper account,click here to access the app in playstore and download.

It is only 25MB.You follow the instructions carefully for account creation.Use your phone number for account creation as it is easier to manage and much more reliable.If you encounter any problems with account activation,you can communicate with the Customer care through WhatsApp.If the payment is successful,you’ll be able to log in with your username and password and access your dashboard

.Earnsmart care Whatsapp number +254 746 375622

OTHER THINGS THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EARNSMART:√They have a minimum withdrawal limit of Shs 750.Currency conversion image below.They do not accept refunds(once you pay you can’t get your money back

√Withdrawals are instant.Payments are made through Mpesa and Chipper cash once your account reaches the minimum withdrawal amount.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN.Hope you have a blessed time.✨

If you have any questions,Contact me through WhatsApp.